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Pulse. Tone. Stretch.

You'll feel and see results within hours.

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Callanetics Vancouver LINDA

Hi, I’m Linda

Certified Callanetics™ Teacher 

I've been practising the Callanetics™ Exercise Method since 2002 and loved it so much I certified as a Callanetics™ teacher in 2007.  I'm passionate about the technique and like to pass that on to everyone who takes my classes, so you get the most out of each exercise and position, whatever stage you are at in your fitness journey.

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Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Callanetics™ exercises have been shaping bodies around the world for over 30 years. Millions of copies of Callan Pinckney's books and video series have been sold worldwide.

Small Classes

Classes are kept small (max 12) people, some locations even less) to ensure everyone gets individualized and personalized instruction.


Callanetics™ exercises are suitable for a vast range of people regardless of age, size or fitness level.  All are welcome.  Positions can be adapted or intensified and tailored to your owns needs.

Introducing Callanetics™

The Ultimate Method to

Shape Your Body

The unique Callanetics™ exercise method is a non-impact body conditioning program that promotes deep muscle tone throughout the entire body.  The quick toning effect can be felt and seen within hours.

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