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Rent a class

Rent a class to do on your own schedule.

Want a quick movement session in your own time?

Rent a video from below and have access to it for 24 hours.

More videos will be added over the coming weeks and months...

By paying for any of the below classes, you assume all risk and understand that the instructor (Linda Shedden) will not be able to check your positions, and that you take responsibility for your own health and safety.

Tired achey muscles?


This hour long class stretches your body from your toes to your neck and everything in between. A great antidote for when your over worked body feels tired and heavy. This gentle (yet powerful) stretch class helps to release some tension in all in the right spots. Feel lighter and move easier afterwards. Do it regularly to keep your body supple. Go easy, be gentle, exhale...and reap the rewards.

This channel is coming soon!

This class is meant to make you feel good. Not about working to your max. Dial it back. Never force a stretch. And take your breaks. In other words, listen to your body.

All you need is some floor space, a chair, a cushion and a rolled up towel.

Stiff from sitting all day?


This 20 minute stretch class takes you through a few positions which help coax a little more mobility around your hip joints and ease some stiffness.