July online class schedule​​

If you would like booked in for any classes, please email at linda@callaneticsvancouver.com stating the date(s), day(s) and time(s).

Classes are capped at 11 people.

The current public health situation is being closely monitored.

Be assured your health and safety remain paramount.

The price per class per person is $10 (plus 5% GST) and fee's can be sent via Interac eTransfer or PayPal
(details will be sent when you sign up for a class).

Not tried an online class yet and are curious?  Here's some info:​

​I like to try to keep the online class experience as close to an in person class as possible and therefor I will need to see you over video so that I can cue or correct positions. This isn't just a preference, however, my insurance does require that I am able to see you. You will need enough space so that I can see as much of you as possible when standing and when on the floor. There will be times in the class when you may have to adjust the camera angle when we are changing positions. A laptop or tablet is recommended for screen size, but a phone will also work.

With Zoom, you can see me and other participants, and other participants can see you as well as me (just like in a normal class). You can set it so that I'm the main person on the screen ("Speaker View") and everyone else will appear in small thumbnails. During the class I will have you all on mute so that you don't have to worry about any background noise and that everyone can hear me clearly.


YOU NEED TO BE IN CANADA (again - insurance requirement).

Since we won't have all our usual props at hand, you will need a chair (like a dining chair or similar), a folded blanket or towel, and a yoga strap (you can use an old scarf or bath robe belt).

If you have never used Zoom before, don't worry, I've found it fairly simple to use and I will send instructions when you sign up.

Security: Please be assured that I have set the meetings to the recommended secure settings and have downloaded the latest update.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Mar 17 - until further notice

All in person classes have been cancelled until further notice.

In the meantime,  online classes are being held via Zoom.​​